January 2019

January 30 - It’s Time to Win at Marketing
We created a video that highlighted our process when you sign up for a website at Townsquare Interactive with a little bit of a football spin to celebrate the super bowl. 

January 11 - Marketing Made Easy
This video was created to show an overview of all of the services that Townsquare Interactive offers.

January 9 - 2018: Year in Review
This video was created to recap the year that Townsquare Interactive had. This was the first time that I heavily added after effect compositions to my work. 

November 2018

At Townsquare Interactive we provide social media management and so it made sense for us to make a couple short videos for us to be able to show people how to send, request and create a Facebook page.

November 14 - Dominguez Wedding: Separk Mansion

October 2018

October 26 - Bulgogi Box

October 14 - UNCG Alpha Chi Omega Recruitment

September 2018

September 10 - Real Estate Profile Video: Dina Goldentayer
I had the opportunity to fly down to Miami, FL and was able to shoot this profile video and a couple property videos for Dina:

August 2018

August 6 - 5076 Lighthouse Court

July 2018

July 31 - UNCC Chi Omega Recruitment 
I had the opportunity to work with Chi Omega at The University of North Carolina at Charlotte. This was a cool opportunity to be able to work with another school on a recruitment video. 

July 23 - 407 Montrose Drive

July 11 - Website Retargeting 
This was my first “commercial” for Townsquare Interactive and I really loved how simple we were able to convey this product as it is a VERY complicated process. 

June 2018

June 9 - Fraley Wedding
It was so amazing to get to work with Ashleigh and Taylor. Ashleigh and I went to the same college and were campus tour guides together, so for her to trust me with her wedding was amazing!

June 3 - 1600 Princeton Ave
This is probably one of my favorite real estate videos to date. The conditions when shooting this were perfect, the real estate agent was amazing to work with and the home was beautiful!

May 2018

May 8 - Montanti Wedding
I loved shooting Blair and Duncans wedding. It was a simple back yard wedding and I am really happy with how it turned out. This was the second wedding video that I have ever done. 

May 4 - Small Business Week: Townsquare Interactive
On April 1st, 2018 I accepted a full time position back at Townsquare Interactive (where I left from to pursue freelance videography) as a Visual Strategist. Doing all things graphic design, photo and video related. This was an opportunity for me to do what I love while not having to worry about if I will have a freelance gig next month or not. So this was the first video of a lot of videos that I've created for Townsquare Interactive once I accepted the position.

April 2018

April 12 - literally like yeah ft. stumby Music Video: Carter Cruise
Carter Cruise reached out to me and asked me if I wanted to help with her and Spencer’s new music video. I jumped at the opportunity and thought it was a sick concept. They sent me over 1000’s of photos to go through and did what I could to create this dope storyline. 

April 4 - 1825 Lombardy Circle

March 2018

March 30th - 16034 North Point Road, Huntersville NC

March 28 - Bodies Music Video: GG Magree
This was the first time that I had an opportunity to shoot and direct a music video. The inital ideas unfortunately didn’t get used but we shot this entire clip on Runyon Canyon at 5:30 am on a REALLY cold morning. Not sure how Georgia was able to deal with the amount of cold. 
I was happy to see that they ended up using my photo from this shoot as the cover of GG’s spotify:
GG Magree Spotify Image.png

March 19 - New Home Guide Commercial

March 12 - Porsche Design Tower
I had the opportunity to shoot some short clips for an owner of one of these amazing condos… I mean the fact that you can pull your car up to the condo… thats amazing!

February 2018

February 22 - First Time in LA 
GG Magree brought me out to LA to shoot her new music video Bodies and I got the opportunity to meet amazing people that I now can call friends. 

February 13 - Stanley Martin Testimonial Series
I shot and edited four videos for Stanley Martin Homes. These were done in Raleigh, Washington DC and Virginia. This was the first time that I had ever done a video with a budget of $10,000 and felt a little under qualified to shoot and edit these but did what I could with the gear that I had and faked it till I made it. 

January 2018

January 31 - My Key Social: Miami, FL

My brotha Michael Barnard, Owner of My Key Social in Miami, FL brought me out to Florida to shoot some content for his social media management company. Was an awesome opportunity to check out Miami and I mean… look at that french toast 🤤

January 12 - GG Magree: Seattle, WA
Even though this edit came out quite a bit longer, this was actually shot in the same leg as Asia. We flew from Singapore -> SF -> Seattle and landed about 7:00 pm and flew out the next morning at 4:00 am… so needless to say, I didn’t know what Seattle looked like during the day. You will notice the style here... GG loves her animated GIFs over her videos and she loves how people watch it and say "what did I just watch"

January 1 - NYE Southern Skyline: Charlotte, NC
I had the opportunity to head out to Southern Skylines event in Charlotte, NC and caught back up with Carter for the second time (first time being Old Row Summer Tour) and it was a blast!

December 2017

December 23 - First Wedding Video
This was originally shot in September of 2017, but as I didn’t really know where to start with a wedding film I drug my feet until I finally did it. My buddy Calvin Kempell and I drove down to Florida for a weekend and shot this!

December 15 - CIAA Tournament 
I had done some work with CRVA and got connected with the CIAA Tournament to create a promotional video for their tournament in Charlotte. As I have only been to a handful of basketball games, It was interesting creating this. 

November 2017

November 29 - 22nd Asian Television Awards: Singapore, Asia
This was probably one of the most UNREAL experiences of my entire life. Here I am 22 years old, I had never flown internationally before and I am touring with a DJ. I definitely told myself that I peaked (haha). I learned so much about what it is like to travel with an artist during this trip. Such as, they never sleep. They are always going and when they do have downtime it is usually after 2:00 am… so short nights and long days was kind apart of it. I thought why not show everyone in a RAW format what I experienced. So here is 7+ minutes of random footage that I took during the trip:

November 24 - Deadbeats - Nashville, TN: GG Magree
Right around this time, I had quit my full time job as a project manager at Townsquare Interactive to pursue freelance videography. I booked a flight to Nashville for my chance to redeem myself for GG Magree. While she never ended up using this video, she did invite me out to Asia with her for the 22nd Asian Television Awards: 

November 19 - 352 Baltimore Trails Loop

November 19 - 18741 Daymark Drive

November 1 - Night Nation Run: Jason Wiggz
Night Nation Run is a marathon music festival and had a great time shooting this one. I ended up shooting for Night Nation Run, but only created a recap video for Jason Wiggz.

October 2017

October 25 - David Dunn: Realtor Profile Video
This was the first time that I have ever done voice over work with a video and learned a lot in the process of making this video. Especially that using an ND filter is a thing on bright days haha

October 15 - Breakaway Festival: Charlotte, NC
I don’t have a completed video for this festival, but it was a stepping stone that was important that made me feel alive. This festival was when I decided that I had a real passion for shooting videos and capturing people having the times of their life’s. I have about 50GB of video and over 150GB of photos from this festival, so here are a couple of my favorite photos:

September 2017

September 25 - UNCG Bid Day: Chi Omega

September 24 - Imagine Festival

This was one of the most amazing experiences that I have ever had. I got to solely go to this festival with all of my friends and we focused on shooting the festival for a college booking company, JusCollege (which never released this edit) to document what it is like to travel to Imagine Festival in Atlanta, GA with JusCollege. I got to meet amazing new friends and got to experience shooting for some of my favorite artists. I was so in my feelings and just on a high that this video explains how I was feeling:

September 20 - Townsquare Interactive
This was the first “corporate” video that I ever did. This was a huge moment for me, I was told that Townsquare Interactive (my employeer at the time) was looking to get into video and my boss at the time, Melissa Weaver was nice enough to throw my name in the hat. So this was the first video in a long series of videos that I have created for Townsquare Interactive.

September 1 - Moonrise Festival: GG Magree

This was the first time that I had the opportunity to shoot a music festival. I shot a cold email to every artist on the festivals line-up, I got a lot of “No” “We have someone already” then I got this:

I was in! I was speechless. This was day’s before the festival, but I was excited to take it on. To this day… this was probably the best festival I have ever shot. Reason being… I met GG Magree. She was the most wild, insane and frankly crazy person I have ever met, but we got along really well. Now the bad part… two months after this, my hard drive bricked and the above video is the only thing that was saved since I air dropped that clip to myself. It was horrible to have to tell GG that I wasn’t going to be able to provide a video edit. This was the first time that I actually had a set back in my video career. Yet, I wouldn’t change it for anything. 

August 2017

August 20 - Belews Lake
Yeah… this was when I discovered color grading… not the best, but good to see that I was somewhat on the right track here.

August 1 - Old Row Summer Tour: Charlotte, NC
This was an opportunity of a lifetime. I reached out to Old Row when I saw that they were coming to town and offered my services for FREE knowing that their twitter and instagram alone would be seen by hundreds of thousands of people. So I shot this show, created the recap within 24 hours and they posted it on Twitter, Instagram and YouTube… I was blown away by the amount of views:
*old row has since deleted the instagram version… it was great. Wish you guys could see it

July 2017

July 29 - UNCG Chi Omega Recruitment
This video is what changed things for the better for me. I spent probably over 150+ hours shooting and conceptualizing this video with the recruitment chair, Christine Marcocci. The sororities loved it, the staff like it, even the Chancellor of UNCG tweeted about it:
At this moment, I knew that I had the drive to be noticed and felt a bit of accomplishment. 

July 20 - Alpha Chi Omega Formal
I was given the opportunity to shoot a formal and I surprised myself by creating this. 

July 11 - Morgan Page: Rooftop 210
The story behind this is I was shooting for DOMii (opener of the opener) and this was only the second show that I have ever shot… so I kept shooting even after DOMii’s set and Morgan Page’s management thought I was shooting for the venue and Rooftop 210 thought I was shooting for Morgan Page… so I was shooting everything without anyone giving me a hard time. That being said, this is the lesson I learned: “Act like you’re supposed to be there and so will other people.” 

April 2017

April 21 - 19461 River Run Road
This was one of the first real estate videos that I took off of work from my full time job to shoot. I was in awe by how awesome it felt to be out in the sun when I knew that I could have been sitting in a cube at my full time job.

April 5 - Val D Promotional Video
This was a phase that I QUICKLY grew out of, but I was trying different things and created this one night and Val D thought that it matched his new song that he was working on.

April 5 - Super Duper Kyle 
I had my first opportunity to shoot a concert. Gibson Hazard is the one that brought me out based on this email I sent":
I had NO experience at this point, I leveraged Leonard’s video of IMAD Royal and just showing the willingness to learn and somehow he gave me the opportunity. 

April 3 - First hyperlapse attempt
My First hyperlapse attempt

April 3 - First Real Estate Video

This was the very first real estate video that I ever created. This was the initial video that I sent to AerialLook that inevitably got me hired to do more work with them and led me to become the Director of Operations for the Charlotte market.


March 2017

March 22 - Friends Collection
This was the day that I decided that I would start pursuing video as more than just a hobby, but to hopefully call a job one day. 

March 16 - Bridge Edit
This was a video that was created just to grow on my personal ability to edit and get familiar shooting more. My buddy Leonard Hilty and I came across an abandoned warehouse and this bridge so we took the opportunity to shoot it.

March 9 - IMAD Royal and Louis The Child 

Leonard Hilty had the opportunity to shoot for IMAD Royal at The Fillmore and asked if I would help out with the edit. This is what came of it.


June 2016

June 21 - Beta Class: Tilt Internship Video
This was the video I sent in to apply to be an Intern at Tilt. This was shot at 3:00 am as I was rushing to finish in time. I was known to them as CDS, so thats why I introduce myself as that. Even though I didn't get the position as an intern in the beta class for campus growth team. 
I was able to join Tilt as a on the ground salesforce in Dallas, TX that summer and it was an amazing experience. Tilt was the first company that I really grew attached to. They were later acquired by Airbnb a couple years later.

July 2015

July 22 - Cancun Trip: Go Pro

April 2015

April 22 - Bellhops Internship Application
CRINGE ALERT: I created this video to pitch myself to the Bellhops team to bring me out for their summer internship in Chattanooga, TN. By some miracle they thought I was a good fit and spent the summer in Chattanooga as an operations intern helping book moving jobs in local markets. 

July 2014

July 10 - UNCG: Chubbies Ambassador Application
In college I applied to be a Chubbies Ambassador, which I got 💪🏼 This is the video of that. It’s crazy how much time changes and the quality difference… enjoy

September 2010

September 10 - COD: Akimbo Montage
This is the only video that is still up and on YouTube of my video game editing days. I used an El Gato screen recorder and recorded gameplay for achievement guides and video game montages back in 2010 (middle school). This is probably the first time I can remember really being invested in video creation. One of the videos that I posted, I stayed up all night editing the night of Modern Warfare 2 launch and I remember waking up the following day to over 5,000 views and remember running to my mom to show her. That was an exciting moment.